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Reviews (11)
  • M****e
    I have searched for years to find my son decent shoes that fit his feet properly. He is autistic so it isn't always ideal to take him shopping for long. He is 24 and 6'3 . I had never had his feet professionally measured so I looked online to find out proper measuring and sizing to find out what he needed. This is the first time in a very long time that he has shoes that are not too tight. I love the price was much more reasonable than I have been paying for shoes in the past. I will definitely buy him more!
  • ho****ry
    Bought these for my husband and they were the perfect shoe for him. His friend bought a pair o his suggestion and also was really impressed. I just bought another pair for my husband's upcoming birthday, hope these are NEVER discontinued.
  • Be****ey
    My husband has a narrow foot and trying to buy shoes either in person or online is a nightmare. Men’s shoes very rarely come in narrow but these seem to fit the best. This is his third pair so there must be something he really likes about them. He does add an arch support in them because he has a very high arch. He can walk for hours in them without his feet or even his knee that has been replaced hurting. So all in all he recommends these shoes.
  • Vi****no
    OMG these are the most comfortable sneakers ever. Wore them for first time yesterday walking around Manhattan all day and felt like i was walking on a cushion of air.
  • T****.
    Love these shoes! I'm a larger guy with big feet and these feel awesome, fit great and last quite a while.after you take them off, so it feels nice every time you put them on. No hot, sweaty feet(I'm in a construction related field), and they clean up well. On a side note , Fits my other foot nicely with slightly loosened laces. Recommend these highly.
  • R****r
    I walk 1.75 miles daily and this is all I use this shoe for. I've had them only a week so I cannot assess durability. Excellent shoe so far.
  • R****o
  • j****.
    My 25 year old son, a marine biology graduate works at a big Aquarium and is on his feet all day! He has to go up and down stairs multiple times, and is always running all over! They fit him perfect, he’s a 10 1/2! These are the most comfortable sneakers he’s ever worn, have bought at least 8 pairs from Amazon! Sketchers with memory foam are the best!
  • Sn****en
    These shoes had great reviews and no major complaints. They fit perfect as comfortable to walk in . I would recommend these shoes and would buy again.
  • S****t
    so lovely, exactly as picture
  • M****m
    Excellent sneakers, let's see how they will be in the case))))
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